A little information about us

Thank you for visiting this site. Nyne Projects Inc was created 2018 and from there Patio Living Beauty has become one of my projects within the company.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved hanging out with my family outdoors. It brings back some of the best moments, but there are also the moments that you remember that made it hard to enjoy the outdoors. I know for my family it was always bugs, sun, and not enough seating. We would all love being outside and cooking on the grill during those beautiful spring, summer, and fall days but of course by the time we were ready to eat all of the bugs would be out and bothering us while we ate. Other times we would have to go inside because the sun was just too bright and we did not have the right kind of cover to provide shade we needed to relax and cool down.

As I got older I always started to think about the kind of patio and backyard setup I wanted for myself as I realized that the yard is truly and extension of your home and you should make the best use of it for your family to help keep your family active and outdoors as much as possible. We will be looking at different products you can purchase for your home.

Every family is different and unique but we will do our best to give you the best ideas on how to make the most of your yard.

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